Garage in Belgrade costs as much as a new apartment in Krusevac

NEWS 23.09.202312:00 0 komentara

The most expensive garage space in Serbia this year was sold in the Beograd na voda neighbourhood - for as much as 58,400 euros. For that amount in Niš, for example, you could buy even 28 square meters of the most expensive apartment in a new building, or a new apartment of 44 square meters in Kruševac, also at the highest price.

Although the number of sales of garages and garage spaces in Serbia is lower in the first half of this year, prices are not falling, to the contrary.

Data from Serbia’s Geodetic Institute show that during the first six months of this year, 7,976 garage spaces changed hands. This number of sales contracts is six percent lower compared to the same period of the previous year.

The prices of garage spaces on the territory of Serbia ranged from a minimum of 400 euros in Leskovac to 58,400 euros, which is what the customer paid for a space for his car at the location Belgrade na Voda.