Goran Markovic: As far as I am concerned, my only request is for Vucic to leave

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Director Goran Markovic came out to block the Gazelle and joined the protest of environmental organizations on Saturday. He said that, as far as he was concerned, the only request was for Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic to leave.

„I did not follow the demands and divisions, I came here privately. I solve my life problems by opposing the destruction of nature. People here are very free, they see this as socializing and a place where they can express something they can’t do otherwise. It is beautiful and cheerful, and regardless of the fact that it’s raining, everything is fine,“ Markovic told N1.

When asked to comment on Vucic’s statement that everything else after his adoption of the demands of the demonstrators related to the laws on expropriation and referendum was a political demand, Markovic responded:

„As far as I am concerned – I have only one request, and that is for him to leave – I have no other requests,“ Markovic said.


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