Government commits to fulfilling remaining GRECO recommendations


Serbia has made significant progress in the fight against corruption, successfully fulfilling 10 of the 13 recommendations of the Group of States Against Corruption (GRECO), a body of the Council of Europe, said the Serbian Government citing this organization’s latest report.

The Government explained in a press release that this refers to the recommendations from the Fourth Round of Evaluation, adding that the remaining three recommendations have been partially fulfilled.

“The report notes that significant progress has been made in reforming the High Council of the Judiciary, with the majority of members elected by judges reducing political influence, while similar reforms have been achieved in the State Council of Prosecutors,” said the Government.

It added that transparency has been improved through the publication of legal drafts and amendments, as well as through more efficient organization of public hearings.

“In addition, the implementation of new ethical codes for deputies, judges and prosecutors significantly raises the standards of integrity and professionalism, according to the assessment of this body of the Council of Europe,” said the press release.

The fulfillment of these recommendations is the result of engagement towards strengthening the rule of law and ensuring the independence of the judicial system, which was preceded by the adoption of constitutional amendments, a set of judicial and other laws, by-laws and procedures, said the Government.

“The Government of Serbia undertakes to continue working on the fulfillment of the remaining recommendations and the further development of the judicial system, in accordance with European standards,” it added.