Grbovic at Bundestag: Government pushing Serbia into deeper crisis

NEWS 11.04.202417:51

Leader of the opposition Movement of Free Citizens (PSG) Pavle Grbovic told the German Bundestag that Serbia has been in a deep political crisis since the December 2023 election fraud, and that it is now unfortunately closer to a new, deeper crisis than it is to a solution for overcoming the current situation.

“The opposition did absolutely everything in its power for the problems to be resolved. We were the ones who initiated talks with government representatives, we were constructive, and we offered concrete and easy-to-implement solutions, but it is obvious that there is no political will on the part of the government to change the bad things,” Grbovic told a meeting with members of the Bundestag European Affairs Committee, which he attended together with his colleagues from the opposition Serbia Against Violence Coalition (SPN), Radomir Lazovic and Borko Stefanovic.

This is why the opposition is now faced with two bad options – either to participate in unfair elections under unchanged conditions, or to boycott the elections, the PSG quoted Grbovic as saying.

“For Serbia both these outcomes mean a continuation of the crisis, which is why even greater involvement of European partners is necessary, because every crisis in Serbia has the potential to spill over and destabilize the entire region, which is neither in the interest of the Serbian citizens, nor in European Union’s interest,” said Grbovic.