Grbovic: We will not take part in consultations on new government


Representative of the opposition Serbia Against Violence (SPN) coalition Pavle Grbovic said this coalition will not take part in the consultations on forming the new government, announced for Monday by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

Grbovic, who is the leader of the Movement of Free Citizens PSG), said consultations are the usual procedure in parliamentary democracies, but that they are not held properly in Serbia.

“Everyone should take part in them but I think that, in this political context and at this point, our participation would be pointless and we will not be part of that,” he said.

Grbovic told N1 he was sure there would be a repeat of local elections in Belgrade.

“I am certain because it is absolutely clear that the election fraud, primarily in Belgrade but also across Serbia, has been proved, because this incident has been internationalized, the entire international public knows what happened and I am sure that securing an artificial majority with councilors who have been bought off would be sticking not a finger, but a hand in the eye of the local and international public,” said the Movement of Free Citizens leader.

Grbovic said that, though Vucic is not explicitly admitting election fraud, it is clear that the ruling parties are aware that they have been caught in the act.

He added that the Serbian state institutions were actively involved in carrying out election fraud and that it is not likely that they will punish themselves.

If new elections are called, the opposition will have to prepare for a new electoral race and, in the meantime, work with the representatives of the international community to ensure conditions for free and fair elections, said Grbovic.