Hospital director: Long waiting lists for non-Covid patients

NEWS 19.02.2022 16:47

During the two years of the epidemic, the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara was in the covid regime five times. Over 9,000 covid patients were treated. Now the hospital is not in the red zone anymore and for the past two and a half months it has been taking care of citizens who have other health problems. The director of that health institution, Professor Petar Svorcan, told RTS that the hospital is now under a lot of pressure due to patients who are not suffering from COVID-19.

The pressure comes especially from those suffering from chronic diseases who could not come to their check-ups at a certain time, said the Director of the hospital, Petar Svorcan, explaining that doctors are on duty 24 hours a day and that about 1,000 people are examined daily at the Zvezdara Clinical Hospital.

„About 850 and 150 patients who pass through our Emergency Service undergo regular specialist examinations. Out of that, between 70 and 80 patients are admitted for hospital treatment,“ he said.

Svorcan said that there are currently about 600 patients in the hospital.

„As for the waiting list, these are the waiting lists for cataracts, but we also created a green zone during the covid regime where patients came and had cataract surgery, so we lowered that waiting list from over 2,000 patients to about 300. We currently have 760 patients waiting for cataract surgery,” he said.

There are also waiting lists for knee and hip surgeries for 160 and 171 patients, and about 70 patients waiting for coronary angiography.


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