How did Serbia-Germany relations deteriorate: Vucic goes from a favourite to becoming a constant target of criticism

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There is still no information about what the future convocation of the Serbian parliament will look like after the recent elections, and the ruling party has not unveiled if political opponents will be a part of it. On Christmas Day, they were not in the mood for talk on political issues. All of them, except one, the former leader of the progressive party. He does not deal with post-election combinations but with who seriously interfered in the Serbia elections. And, he says, he will write an essay about that. Pročitaj više

For two weeks, every day, Serbia was seeing protests against election theft. Evidence and reports from Europe were pouring in that what they saw in Serbia was “anything but a holiday of democracy.” The ruling party did not see the reason for not celebrating nor did they see any evidence of theft. Serbian state leadership saw something else as a problem.

Serbian state authorities are preparing an important letter about the influence of an important country and the interference of an important country in the election process in Serbia, so far in the most brutal way, Aleksandar Vucic said on December 21.

And it will be ready by the new year, the president said then, so that it would be sent to the whole world on Christmas. Christmas has arrived, but there is no letter. N1 tried to get some information about the letter from Defence Minister Milos Vucevic but with no success.

More fortunate were the colleagues who were at the Presidency building. They found out that a small piece of writing had become an essay in two weeks.

„We are making a serious study and regardless of the fact that it will not be an easy thing for us to publish, we will publish it when we finish. But that brutal interference in the internal affairs of Serbia and its election process continues, and I can say, with somewhat reduced intensity, it still continues,“ said President Aleksandar Vucic.

No one made a mention of the name of the country that, as the authorities say, so brutally interfered in Serbia elections, and now an essay is being prepared for it. However, after such statements, all eyes are on Berlin.

„It is obvious that Germany perceives Vucic as a problem since the departure of (former German Chancellor) Angela Merkel, this can be seen from the statements of the chairman of the foreign policy committee, Michael Roth, this can be seen from the views of (German FM) Annalena Baerbock, in the end,“ said journalist and editor of the NIN weekly, Zoran Preradovic.

Although important names in German politics stand behind such positions, they are not the official positions of Berlin, according to journalist Nemanja Rujevic. He reminded that this country wrote in just one tweet that what happened in Serbia on December 17 was not acceptable for it.

„But it remained unclear what it means unacceptable, whether it means what the word should mean, that such elections are not accepted or it means only a mild paternal criticism, after which everything continues as before“, Rujevic added.

The friendship between Vucic and Berlin cannot end yet, according to Rujevic. Because, he deems, that country, that is, the European Union, is silent and waiting for the problem on top of the problems to be solved.

For now, the president only announced the delivery of the report. Everything will be written in it, he said, adding that there is nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed of.

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