Hundreds of citizens protest against „state crime“ in Belgrade

NEWS 16.10.2021 14:47

Several hundred citizens gathered at the ‘Protest against state crime’ in Belgrade in front of Serbia’s Prosecutor’s Office building, with activist Aleksandar Jovanovic Cuta accusing prosecutor Zagorka Dolovac of ignoring alleged crimes by ministers Sinisa Mali and Novica Toncev.

Jovanovic was referring to revelations from the Pandora’s Papers project which imply wrongdoing by the two ministers.


Those gathered at the protest carried banners with phrases such as “For the right to justice“ or „Parents, where are you? This drove your children out of the country.”

At the beginning of the gathering, the organizers played audio recordings of news about the scandals of the current government.

The protest was organized by the movement Let’s Not Drown Belgrade and the Together for Serbia party.


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