Hungary’s Orban on sanctions against Serbia: Ridiculous and impossible

REUTERS/Juan Medina

Asked for a comment on Kosovo’s request to introduce sanctions against Serbia, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that is “ridiculous and impossible.”

“The Serbs have suffered provocations in the last two years regularly, so we have to understand that the Kosovars have to behave in a different way. Don’t provoke the Serbs, provocation leads to answers, that results in instability, without Serbia there is no stability in the Balkans, so I definitely argue in favor of helping Serbia stabilize the region,” Orban told reporters ahead of the European Union leaders’ informal meeting in Granada, Spain.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said Thursday in Granada he did not meet with officials from Pristina at the European Political Community Summit because they did not want to talk and added that Serbia never advocated sanctions against Pristina.

Asked if anyone talked to him about measures against Serbia, Vucic said he spoke with everyone.