Incident takes place at protest over death of Nina Radjenovic

NEWS 31.07.2021 13:14
Petrovaradin, protest, Pravda za Ninu
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Local media reported that an incident occurred on Friday evening at a protest in Petrovaradin over the death of Nina Radjenovic, who was killed on June 6 when a 21-year-old struck her with his car.

According to, citizens who were blocking Preradoviceva Street noticed a car nearby at about 10 pm and said “the deputy of the Novi Sad public prosecutor” was in it.

As the citizens approached the vehicle, the driver reportedly started the car and struck several of them.

An argument followed and the woman who drove the car then went to a nearby police vehicle.

The citizens surrounded the police car, and soon after more police, including Novi Sad police chief, Slobodan Malesic, as well as an ambulance, arrived at the scene.

The ambulance took one of the protesters for treatment after she complained her leg was injured.

The crowd dispersed about an hour after midnight, after the on-duty senior prosecutor arrived at the scene, and the driver was taken to the Clinical Center of Vojvodina for a blood test and to give a statement.

Twenty-one-year-old Nina Radjenovic died on June 6, when a car driven by a young man from Sremski Karlovci struck her at high speed. According to the police, a criminal report was filed against the young man and the prosecutor did not send him into pre-trial detention.


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