Interior Ministry formally bans Pride parade, ‘anti-globalists’’ march


The Serbian Interior Ministry has adopted a decision on formally banning the 2022 EuroPride march as well as the “anti-globalists’” family march, both scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 17 in Belgrade.

Following a security assessment it was established that there is a high risk that the safety of the participants of both events on the announced routes, as well as that of other citizens, will be endangered, said a Ministry press release.

As the two marches are planned to be held close to each other, “one as part of the 2022 EuroPride event and the other by people with views opposite to those of the members of the LGBT population, and who are openly against the 2022 EuroPride event, it has been assessed that there is a risk of attacks and conflicts, danger of violence, destruction of property and other forms of disruption of public order on a larger scale,” said the Ministry.

Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin said that, in addition to fighting all types of crime, the Interior Ministry members’ main task is to preserve public peace and order and guarantee every citizen’s safety and that of their property.

“This is precisely why the Ministry of Internal Affairs is not allowing these two marches – the EuroPride march and the anti-globalists’ march. In the current geopolitical situation and tensions in the region, meaningless clashes on the streets of Belgrade would make our country’s position more difficult, endanger the safety of the participants of the marches but also of other citizens,“ said Minister Vulin.

„I appeal to all to honor the law and put their personal and political interests aside and to refrain from endangering their own or others’ safety,“ said the Minister.