Internal Affairs Minister: SAJ the pillar of Serbia’s security

NEWS 03.02.2023 18:33

Serbian Internal Affairs Minister Bratislav Gasic said Friday that the members of the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit (SAJ) are the pillar of Serbia’s security, said the Internal Affairs Ministry.

On the occasion of SAJ Day, Gasic said that, ever since the unit’s founding in 1978 , its members have been assigned the most difficult tasks, adding they take part in operations that require the bravest and the most trained in the fight against terrorism and all forms of crime, Beta reported.

Minister Gasic laid a wreath at the memorial to the fallen members of the unit at the SAJ base and stressed that they will always be remembered by the Ministry.

“Our heroes deserve remembrance and gratitude, and their families care and attention,” said Gasic.

SAJ commander Spasoje Vulevic said that the members of this unit are the most valuable, selected against strict criteria, and that they are highly trained.

“Through dedicated work, all generations of our members have contributed to the name of the unit being spoken with respect all over the world,” said Vulevic.