Italian police arrest Kosovars for planning terrorist attack

NEWS 24.06.202211:50 0 komentara

The Italian police said it arrested two people from Kosovar families for planning a terrorist attack.

The Carabinieri press release said that the young man and woman were acting in the name of the Islamic state and had plans to flee to Africa after the attack. It said that both suspects were born in Italy to parents from Kosovo. The ethnicity of the two suspects was not disclosed.

They were arrested on June 18 under a warrant issued by a prosecutor in Trento, the Ansa news agency said. The man was put under house arrest and both suspects are being investigated for conspiring to commit an act of terrorism, it said.

Ansa said that the police seized computers and chemicals used to make explosives. It said that the two suspects were radicalized by Internet-based jihadist propaganda.