Jadar locals surround vehicle with tractors: “They work for Bechtel and Rio Tinto”

NEWS 15.04.202414:49
Ne damo Jadar/Fejsbuk

The association “Ne Damo Jadar” (We Won't Give Up Jadar) posted on social networks a video showing how its members blocked, with their tractors, a vehicle which they claim belongs to the company Bechtel, engaged in Rio Tinto’s project.

The video shows that the locals tried to get the driver and passengers to tell them their names and where they come from, and that the vehicle bears the logo of Geo-Oil Belgrade.

The information on this company’s website reads that it is an agency founded in 2012 that “provides expert advice and on-site supervision for successful project implementation.”

“They are so persistent. You know you have problems, but know that you will have even more problems. I will give my life for this,” a local is heard saying.

Last year, the company Bechtel announced vacancies for three job positions in Serbia related to the mining company Rio Tinto’s Jadar project.

The ad read that professionals are offered a long-term career, with the initial task of supporting the Jadar project.

The locals in the Jadar valley and the country’s environmental organizations have been expressing strong opposition to the Jadar lithium mine project and Rio Tinto’s involvement in the area.