Jeremic: EU Plan could lead to Greater Albania


Former Serbian Foreign Minister turned opposition party leader Vuk Jeremic told N1 on Monday that the implementation of the European Union plan for Kosovo would open a Pandora’s box which could lead to a re-drawing of borders.

The People’s Party (NS) leader told the N1 morning show that the plan could lead to the creating of Greater Albania, new border in the Balkans and possible military conflicts. According to Jeremic, the only way to avoid the fallout is to prevent the agreement from being signed. He said a referendum should also be called but warned that it can’t be called for an international agreement.

Jeremic said that article 4 of the agreement says that Serbia won’t oppose Kosovo’s membership in any international organization including the UN which would lead to Greater Albania being formed because two UN member states can’t be stopped from uniting.

“The only way to avoid a disaster is to prevent (Serbian President Aleksandar) Vucic from signing the document and having the voters reject it at a referendum,” he said, adding that the damage has been done because Vucic agreed verbally and the implementation of the agreement because part of the talks on EU accession.

“We won’t get rid of Vucic for years or at least until the plan is implemented if he remains in power as the only on who can guarantee its implementation to European partners,” he said.