Journalist comments on Miketic case, says his political career is over

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Journalist Biljana Lukic said that the essence of the case of opposition MP Djordje Miketic, whose explicit videos were recently published, is that the Intelligence-Security Agency (BIA) raided his apartment, taking his laptop and discs, and keeping them until this moment. Pročitaj više

Speaking to N1, Lukic said that “mental pornography” is a lot more dangerous, where “these modern starlets whose brain is smaller than their eyes, have been representing our country for a decade.”

The Danas daily also commented on the case saying that Miketic of the Together party has been under attack of a government’s campaign, joined by the tabloids, with an aim to show to the opponents that it is ready “for a very dirty fight.” Independent media assessed that this campaign was intended for the voters of the opposition, in order not to discredit the pro-European part of the opposition represented by Miketic, but also for the voters of the progressives who might think of breaking away, but also to divert their attention from the pressing problems in the country.

“I think it is important for those people who are dealing with their own troubles and inflation and prices, that we say what the essence of this case is. And the bottom line is that Miketic’s apartment was broken into, his laptop and discs were stolen, his apartment was not broken into by an ordinary thief, because if it was, Miketic would have been blackmailed with those recordings, they would have reached social networks through some natural channels. No, the BIA visited his apartment, took his laptop and kept those recordings for this moment,” according to Lukic.

She also said that Miketic “is not the first echelon of opposition lists or the parties.”

“And it seems that this is not a bad score, considering that they could not find anything else and nothing worse,” she underlined.

Lukic noted that that the campaign was so strong that even people who do not follow the media got the news about the case.

“A woman I know, who is 90 years old, got that video through Viber app. We are talking here about the state’s pre-election propaganda, that the BIA, whose task is to preserve the social order of this country, is dealing with porn videos or home videos of one of the opposition members,” she said.

According to her, one of the reasons for so much talk about Miketic is to divert attention from the corruption cases discovered by the investigative media.

“Until yesterday, the BIA director was sitting with the president of the country, it’s some kind of pathetic voyeurism or something, they sat and watched that video, for the president of the country to appear in a media outlet, during the period in which we discovered that BIRN documented the theft of more than five million of state officials, state money, because the money was stolen from children, mothers, in the year when the murders happened to us in ‘Ribnikar’ (school) and in Mladenovac,” she told N1.

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