Journalist: Serbia’s mortars seen in Ukraine can bear consequences

NEWS 01.04.2022 19:49
Source: Youtube/screenshot/ Ukrainian military TV

Belgrade NIN weekly's journalist Vuk Cvijic told N1 on Friday that an attempt to deceive the domestic and international public about mortars from Serbia's western town of Valjevo 'Krusik' ammunition factory discovered on the Ukrainian battlefield could have consequences.

„It sends a picture of complete unreliability,“ Cvijic said.

Asked whether Serbia could bear responsibility after Krusik’s ammunition ended up in Ukraine, he recalled the case of arms exports to Armenia during the conflict with Azerbaijan.

At that time, „the interest of Slobodan Tesic, arms dealer and a (ruling Serbian Progressive Party) SNS financier prevailed over the state interest.“ Cvijic said Belgrade had to repay the loan to Azerbaijan prematurely. „It was a huge sum,“ he added.

NIN reported on Thursday that the Ukrainian army was using mortars produced in Krushik in 2018 to fight Russian forces. The ammunition was seen in the video posted on the official YouTube channel of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense on March 13.

Cvijic said that the Ukrainian special forces used them on that day, according to the video.

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He recalled that thanks to Aleksandar Obradovic, a whistleblower from the Krusik factory, „we know that there are privileged buyers of Krusik’s products. „It was unusual to have so many companies serving as intermediaries in the business since Krusik has an export licence.

Speaking about ‘Tehnoremont,’ a company NIN named as a mediator in the business with Ukraine, Cvijic added that Milorad Pusica , an SNS official, according to the journalist, was its representative.


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