Journalists discuss alleged murder of criminal group boss

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Vladimir Zaric, the lawyer of the Zvicer family denied media allegations about the assassination of Radoje Zvicer, who was identified as the leader of the Kavacki clan, one of the main organised crime groups in Montenegro.

Serbian media reported on Friday that Zvicer was assassinated in Panama.

Journalists Bojana Jovanovic and Vuk Cvijic spoke to N1, commenting on the matter and noting that the information probably leaked with an intention to unveil Zvicer’s whereabouts.

Blic daily reported that the investigative bodies of Serbia have been informed about the assassination, while Novosti daily added that the information first came from Dubai and that Zvicer stayed in Istanbul several weeks ago when the boss of the rival group Jovica Vukotic was murdered.

Jovanovic noted that nothing is known for sure and that there is no official confirmation about the attempted murder or that Zvicer was the one that media reported about.

“Information came from the media in Serbia, the media in Montenegro did not say anything at first. We are waiting for confirmation now. The lawyer denied it but we are waiting for the statements from competent authorities,” said Jovanovic, the Krik media outlet journalist.

She believes that more information will be available during the day.

Cvijic, the NIN media outlet journalist, noted that there is a possibility of an error being made while determining the identity of the person in question or that the information was deliberately released to reveal the location.

“The information should first be confirmed by Eurojust when it comes to official channels,” he stressed.

The Ministry of Justice, Human and Minority Rights of Montenegro suspects Zvicer and nine other persons of having committed the criminal acts of creating criminal groups and a murder. Zvicer survived an assassination attempt in Kyiv in 2020 and the attackers were arrested on the Moldovan border.

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