KFOR Commander invited to Serbian armed forces exercise

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KFOR said on Thursday that its commander Major General Ozkan Ulutas was invited to the Whirlwind 2024 exercise by Serbian Chief of Staff General Milan Mojsilovic. Pročitaj više

It said that General Ulutas will be at the Distinguished Visitors’ Day on Friday, April 19 at the training grounds in Pester.

“Whirlwind 2024 is an annual exercise conducted by the Serbian Armed Forces. It has been announced by the Serbian authorities and KFOR has been informed about its preparations,” the press release said.

KFOR spokesman Colonel Salvatore Mascoli said that the invitation to General Ulutas “reflects the effective relationship developed between KFOR and the Serbian Armed Forces throughout the years – including through regular contacts between the KFOR leadership and the Chief of Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, General Milan Mojsilović, as well as through KFOR’s observations of past exercises of the Serbian Armed Forces”.

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