KFOR commander: Kosovo situation requires political solution

NEWS 24.04.202423:24

KFOR Commander Ozkan Ulutas said following his visit to the NATO headquarters in Brussels that there can only be a political solution to the current situation – one that acknowledges and respects the rights of all communities living in Kosovo.

In a video message forwarded to the media, Ulutas said he had just come back from a “very productive” visit to the NATO headquarters and that this was one of the three main messages “which I heard loud and clear at all of the meetings” in Brussels.

“NATO continues to fully support the EU-facilitated dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina and KFOR will continue to play its support role. A lasting political solution depends ultimately on a commitment by all parties to refrain from destabilizing rhetoric and actions, and instead to constructively engage in the EU-facilitated dialogue in good faith,” said Ulutas.

He noted that “this is key for lasting security of all people living in Kosovo, for a better future, for generations to come and for regional stability.”

The first of the three main messages is that NATO allies and partners fully support KFOR’s daily efforts to ensure a safe and secure environment for all communities living in Kosovo and freedom of movement at all times, and impartial, he said.

“KFOR remains a fundamental pillar for security across Kosovo and for regional stability,” said Ulutas.

He said the second main message is that KFOR is NATO’s longest and now biggest mission, and it represents “a concrete and tangible demonstration of NATO’s steadfast commitment to regional stability.”

“We will ensure that our mission remains well resourced and well postured to continue implementing its UN mandate, in close coordination with the Kosovo police and the EU Rule of Law mission,” said Ulutas.

He said he spoke at the NATO headquarters with the top NATO civilian and military officials, including Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, and with ambassadors of all countries contributing troops to the KFOR mission. He added that he briefed the North Atlantic Council on the latest security trends across Kosovo and the Western Balkans region and on KFOR’s priorities in the weeks and months to come.