KFOR Commander: Mitrovica incidents concerning, we will not tolerate violence

NEWS 07.12.2022 22:38
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Source: N1

KFOR Commander Major General Angelo Michele Ristuccia said that the latest incidents in North Mitrovica are concerning, especially prior to the elections, and added that that KFOR “will not tolerate violence,” Beta reported.

Ristuccia told Radio television of Kosovo (RTK) that there is a danger of losing everything achieved in Kosovo over the past years.

He explained that KFOR’s first task is to ensure free movement in Kosovo and that, depending on the situation, KFOR acts in the best possible way, but that it cannot and will not tolerate violence.

Major General Ristuccia said the mission is trained and equipped to fulfill all obligations under its mandate but that, if the situation aggravates, KFOR can count on the support of “the whole of NATO and 27 member countries”.