KFOR commander: Situation in Kosovo unstable, could easily escalate


The situation in Kosovo is unstable and could easily escalate, said KFOR commander Angelo Michele Ristuccia, adding that KFOR is ready to react on any situation on the ground.

Ristuccia said that a political solution is needed for peace and stability in Kosovo, and that NATO supports the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue facilitated by the European Union (EU).

KFOR remains committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement for all people in Kosovo, he said.

KFOR commander Italian Major General Angelo Michele Ristuccia has been in that post since October 2022, and will hand over command in October, reported Demostat.

At a media conference in Belgrade Ristuccia addressed the current security situation, especially in the light of the May 29 incidents in Kosovo in which KFOR troops were wounded.

He said a political solution for Kosovo is needed, and that both sides need to be willing to reach it through the EU-facilitated dialogue with support from the US.

A constructive approach by both sides is key to creating the necessary conditions for permanent security in Kosovo and the wider region, for the benefit of all nations, as well as future generations, he said.

Ristuccia noted that the events that had threatened to undermine stability needed a huge military and diplomatic effort to reestablish a more peaceful situation.

Asked by Demostat if there was danger of new conflicts, tensions and incidents in the north of Kosovo following the recent unsuccessful talks within the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue in Brussels, Ristuccia said the situation is unstable, that there is a great deal of mistrust, but that the fact that the two sides’ representatives sat at the negotiating table after the May 29 incidents is a positive thing.