KFOR denies negotiating withdrawal of attackers from Banjska

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Claims that KFOR allegedly negotiated the withdrawal of attackers from Banjska in September of last year were denied by the NATO mission, KoSSev reported on Sunday.

„That is not true, at no time was KFOR involved in the alleged negotiations,“ they said

In the early morning hours of September 24 last year, there was an armed conflict between an armed group of Serbs led, by their own admission, by Milan Radoicic, on the one side, and members of the Kosovo Police on the other.

Then, at the entrance to the village, a sergeant of the regular unit of the Kosovo Police was killed, followed by three members of the group of Serbs, while several others were wounded and arrested, the portal stated.

Although no NATO official has ever publicly confirmed it, the claim that KFOR allegedly negotiated the withdrawal of the attackers from Banjska was found in at least two international reports, namely a report by the International Crisis Group (ICG) and a preliminary draft of the Defence and Security Committee of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Kossev wrote.

The ICG stated in its report at the beginning of April that KFOR had allegedly negotiated the withdrawal of the said group of Serbs.

This afternoon, Kossev, as stated, asked KFOR to deny or confirm and at the same time announce the details about the progress of the withdrawal negotiations.

The mission denied such claims, commenting exclusively on the report of the International Crisis Group, KoSSev reported.

„Describing the violence that took place in Banjska in September 2023, the report states: ‘Fearing bloodshed, KFOR negotiated the withdrawal of the group [of Serb fighters] into the surrounding forests, where they blended in.’ This is incorrect. At no time was KFOR involved in the alleged negotiations,“ KFOR told this media outlet.

They stated that the mission was then „invited to increase its presence“:

„We coordinated closely with the Kosovo Police and the EU Rule of Law Mission (EULEX) to restore security in the area,“ KFOR stated.

„Following the violence, NATO deployed around 1,000 additional peacekeepers and heavily armoured forces to Kosovo. This was the largest reinforcement of our contingent in Kosovo in the last decade and it shows that NATO is ready to preserve peace,“ KFOR told the media outlet.

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