Kosovo agency: Possibility of escalation, fake news by Serb media

NEWS 09.11.202220:47

The situation in north Kosovo is calm at the moment, but there is a possibility of an escalation of tensions, reads a report of the Kosovo Intelligence Agency released on Wednesday.

The chair of the Committee for the Supervision of the Kosovo Intelligence Agency, Ganimete Musliu, said following this body’s meeting that Kosovo institutions are “fulfilling their obligations” and that they are ready to react to “any possible provocation.”

“As for the security situation, we can say that the situation is calm, but always with a possibility of escalation,” said Musliu.

She assessed that people in north Kosovo are willing to cooperate with Kosovo security institutions and called on the local media to refrain from spreading disinformation and fake news, which are, as she said, coming from “the hostile, that is, Serb media.”