Kosovo court orders house arrest for two Serbs who fired shots on Christmas Eve

NEWS 14.01.2023 18:36

The court in Gnjilan, Kosovo, ordered home detention of up to 30 days for two ethnic Serbs from the municipality of Klokot for firing shots in the air on Christmas Eve, their lawyer Milos Delevic told Serbian public broadcaster RTS.

Aleksandar S. (31) and Dejan M. (27) were detained during the Christmas Eve celebration in Klokot, on suspicion of firing several shots into the air, according to RTS.

Delevic, legal representative of Aleksandar S., said that the court charged his client with the criminal offense of unauthorised possession and handling of firearms, adding that he was strict in making this decision.

“I will appeal against this decision because I believe that the court could have determined a milder measure. These are family people who live in Klokot, and they would have definitely responded to the court summon,” said Delevic.

The investigation into the case is ongoing. Following the arrest of the two Serbs, the police searched their houses as well.

They were initially detained for 48 hours.


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