Kosovo deputy PM says Belgrade needs to ask permission for elections

Besnik Bisljimi

Kosovo deputy Prime Minister Besnik Bislimi said on Thursday that Belgrade needs to ask Pristina for permission to organize polling stations for the December 17 Serbian parliamentary elections.

Bislimi’s X post comes a day after European Commission spokesman Peter Stano expressed regret that Pristina did not allow the Kosovo Serbs to vote in Kosovo.

“No elections are planned for this year in our country. If authorities of other countries would prefer to organize elections in Kosova for their diaspora, they need to officially ask our authorities for a positive decision & support,” the X post said.

Bislimi, the Kosovo governmet’s chief negotiator in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, said organizing those elections “without a prior request or positive decision, is not in the spirit of the dialogue and does not contribute to trust building”.

“As long as there is no official direct request, there can be no decision. Mr. Stano is supposed to know this,” he wrote.