Kosovo government imposes reciprocal measures for Serbians

Reuters/ Hannibal Hanschke

The Kosovo government decided on Wednesday to introduce what it said are reciprocal measures for Serbian citizens and vehicles entering Kosovo.

The Serbian government does not recognize Kosovo personal ID documents and issues Kosovars temporary ID papers when they enter Serbia. Prime Minister Albin Kurti’s government decided to reciprocate and issue temporary ID papers to Serbian citizens entering Kosovo.

Kurti’s cabinet also decided to allow owners of vehicles with license plates issued by the Serbian authorities for cities and towns in Kosovo to replace their license plates with Kosovo (RKS) plates. License plates issued by the Serbian authorities are recognizable because they start with two letters designating the city or town where the plates were issued. Kosovo Serbs continue to drive with Serbian-issued plates.

Under the Kosovo government decision, Kosovo Serbs will be able to re-register their vehicles as of August 1 with the process ending on September 31, 2022.

Drivers with Serbian license plates have to cover the Serbian state insignia with stickers when entering Kosovo.

The license plates issue caused tension several months ago when the Kosovo border police refused to allow vehicles with Serbian license plates in. The issue was temporarily resolved when negotiators from Belgrade and Pristina reached an agreement to use stickers to cover state insignia.