Kosovo Justice Minister wants Radoicic extradited

NEWS 03.10.202316:32

Kosovo Justice Minister Albulena Haxhiu said that the Basic Court in Pristina will request an international arrest warrant for former Serb List deputy leader Milan Radoicic who was arrested in Belgrade following the armed incident in Banjska.

Koha daily quoted her as saying that the authorities in Pristina want Serbia to hand over Radoicic who was videoed by a Kosovo Police drone armed and in uniform on the grounds of the Banjska monastery. Radoicic was ordered into detention following an interview with prosecutors in Belgrade where he was brought by police.

Haxhiu also requested the help of international partners to investigate Serbian military bases which officials in Pristina were used to train the armed group headed by Radoicic. She added that investigators are still trying to identify other members of the group.

„From the moment that the terrorist attack took place, Kosovo institutions, in this case, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, police, prosecutors and courts are working to clear up the case,” she said. “There will be a maximum effort to identify all the attackers, because it was a large armed group that tried to extend its influence to other Serbs. Fortunately, the local Serbs did not join them,“ the minister added.

She accused the Serbian authorities of trying to “handle the case alone in order to amnesty the criminals” and added that Belgrade has no grounds to investigate the armed incident because it happened in Kosovo.