Kosovo Minister: Serbian BIA chief’s ex-bodyguard killed in Banjska

Ministar unutrašnjih poslova Kosova Dželjalj Svećlja

Kosovo Internal Affairs Minister Xhelal Svecla said that “yesterday, in the video footage, we testified to the presence of one of the main criminals and terrorist operation leader Milan Radoicic. In the meantime, it was confirmed today that one of the people killed in this operation was Bojan Mijailovic, who was Serbian Security Intelligence Agency (BIA) chief Aleksandar Vulin’s bodyguard during Vulin’s visit to Kosovo in 2013.”

“The state of Serbia spearheaded this terrorist attack aimed at destabilizing Kosovo. There is a formal and structural connection between (Serbian President) Aleksandar Vucic’s involvement in the September 24 attack in Banjska, Serb List deputy leader Milan Radoicic and BIA chief Aleksandar Vulin’s (former) bodyguard. Both of them (Radoicic and Vulin) have been blacklisted by the US,” Svecla said in a Facebook post.

He added that Radoicic and Vulin are two of the closest Serbian President’s men.

“These facts are just more proof that Serbia’s goals regarding Kosovo have not changed since the time of the Milosevic regime, of its former propaganda minister who is now the president of the current regime in Serbia” said Svecla.

“Even the biggest optimists who have been lying to themselves about changes in this country have now been convinced otherwise. I once again wish to express my gratitude to the Kosovo Police for that day, for its unparalleled professionalism, for an operation in which no civilians were wounded,” said the Kosovo Minister.