Kosovo officials: Radoicic’s group trained at Serbian military training grounds

NEWS 02.10.202310:38
Dželjalj Svećlja i Gazmend Hodža
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Kosovo Internal Affairs Minister Xhelal Svecla told a media conference that the attack in Banjska was aimed at “annexing the north of Kosovo,” and that 90 attackers took part in the operation.

Commenting on the accusations that at least one Serb was killed after he surrendered, Svecla said they have no footage showing that.

The Minister said preparations for the attack took place in Serbia proper, which can be seen from the footage seized from the group.

Svecla said the footage shows not only the attack in Banjska, but also the group’s preparations at training centers in Serbia, on Mt. Kopaonik, on Milan Radoicic’s property.

“Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, Defense Minister Milos Vucevic and Chief of General Staff Milan Mojsilovic, participated in this training,” said Svecla, adding that Vucic tried to hide the fact that Serbia was involved in the organization of the attack.

Kosovo Police General Director Gazmend Hoxha told the media conference that the group that attacked the Kosovo Police in Banjska on September 24 had been training in Serbia for a long time, at a hotel on Mt. Kopaonik, owned by Milan Radoicic, and at the Pasuljanske livade military training grounds.

Hoxha also said that Serbia made logistics and training infrastructure available to them.

“Military exercises were held in one of the biggest military training grounds in Serbia, at least four days before the attack on Banjska,” said Hohxa.

Kosovo Serb politician and businessman Milan Radoicic has accepted responsibility for the September 24 events in Banjska and denied any involvement of the Serbian authorities.