Kosovo PM: I would vote for unification with Albania

NEWS 21.11.2021 14:35

Kosovo Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, stated on Sunday that he would vote for the unification with Albania only if such a referendum is presented in a democratic way, adding that this is not a priority in this mandate of his Government.

„I think there would be two referendums in which people would vote for the unification. I was elected Prime Minister to fight corruption and create jobs for young men and women. But in the future, I would not rule that out, although, for stability in the region, it would be best for the six Balkan countries to join the EU,“ he told the online media „Monokol“.

Kurti added that Kosovo and Albania are two states but one people and that Kosovo did not declare independence from Albania, but from Serbia.

When asked directly how he would vote in a possible referendum on unification, Kurti, however, said that he would vote for unification only if the referendum was presented in a democratic way.


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