Kosovo PM’s wife promotes book in Belgrade


A book by Rita Augestad Knudsen, wife of Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti, was promoted in Belgrade on Thursday with the author attending via video link.

Knudsen is a Senior Research Fellow at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI), focusing on terrorism, extremism, and radicalization-related risk assessment.

Serbian Helsinki Committee Chairwoman Sonja Biserko said that Knudsen’s book Ideas of Freedom and Self-Determination was promoted in the Serbian capital. She said that the book covers two views of freedom and self-determination and how those issues came to be regulated by international law. According to Biserko, the book includes a chapter on Kosovo covering the debate before the International Court of Justice.

Biserko told reporters that the book promotion had been planned before the latest crisis in Kosovo. “We planned this event before we learned what was happening in the north of Kosovo and anyway I think that it’s all a charade,” she said, adding that the Serbian version of the book was printed two months ago but that the Helsinki Committee could not organize the promotion earlier.