Kosovo Police: One of the attackers was killed

NEWS 24.09.202316:08 0 komentara

Kosovo police have just confirmed that one of the attackers was killed in the shootout near Banjska, adding that the situation in the north of Kosovo is still tense.

„The situation in the north of Kosovo, more precisely in the area of the village of Banjska, is still tense, criminal groups from time to time attack police units in the field, which, despite the attacks on them, continue to engage in the creation of a security perimeter, in the interest of calming the situation, providing security and the rule of law and order in Kosovo,“ the police statement says.

The police said that a significant number of professionals, masked and wearing various uniforms and armed with heavy weapons, grenades and military vehicles took over various private spaces and facilities, including in and around the Banjska monastery, where they continued attacks on police units.

Police said that, according to information from the ground, one of the attackers was killed.