Kosovo police: Shots fired at car that hit police vehicle

NEWS 23.01.2023 16:42
Source: Tanjug/AP Photo/Visar Kryeziu

The Kosovo Police said on Monday that its officers opened fire at a vehicle that hit their patrol car at a checkpoint.

The Serbian government’s Office for Kosovo said earlier on Monday that Kosovo Police officers opened fire at a car full of Serbs, wounding one of them.

The police press release said that the police unit deployed at the checkpoint to prevent smuggling tried to stop a car which hit their patrol vehicle, endangering the lives of the police officers in it. It added that the officers opened fired to deal with the danger.

Kosovo Internal Affairs Minister Xhevat Svecla expressed “deep concern” over the shooting incident. “I want to be clear: no form of violence against our police will be tolerated,” he said.

It said that the suspects in the car fled the scene and added that an investigation is underway.

Kraljevo hospital CEO Zoran Mrvic said that a young man was brought in from Kosovo with a gunshot wound. “An ambulance from Leposavic brought the patient with a gunshot wound in the left side of his chest around 2 pm… This is a serious wound and we are doing additional diagnostics. He will be in intensive care… The patient is stable,” the doctor said.