Kosovo President: Having a neighbor like Serbia is dangerous

NEWS 06.02.2023 10:06
vjosa osmani

Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani said “it is dangerous to have a neighbor like Serbia” but that NATO and “our forces” will prevent Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic’s “scenarios.”

Osmani told the Croatian daily Vecernji List that she is very proud of the relations between Kosovo and Croatia.

Commenting the situation in Kosovo, talks with Serbia and “Vucic’s provocations,” as well as why she opposes the formation of the Community of Serb municipalities (CSM), Osmani said Serbia claims that, under the proposal in circulation, this community would have executive powers.

Along with this, the Kosovo President also dismissed any possibility of the “country’s division.”

“The situation in Kosovo is extremely tense, the negotiations are somehow stuck, there is no dynamics. However, (European Union envoy) Miroslav Lajcak and (US envoy for Kosovo) Gabriel Escobar recently came and announced a new round of talks,” said Osmani.