Kosovo’s Kurti: I am ready for an agreement, but Serbia is aggressive

NEWS 28.03.202319:59

I am ready for a final agreement with official Belgrade, however, “Serbia is quite aggressive and cannot distance itself from the past and from the problematic present,” Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti told the Albanian Top Channel TV show ‘Wake Up’.

He stressed that Serbia is “a hybrid regime,” “practically an autocracy,” while, on the other hand, “it is not independent from the Russian Federation,” Kossev reported.

“It is clear which side is not constructive, the one that is aggressive, the one that is not distancing itself from the past, that is, from (former President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Slobodan) Milosevic, or from the present that is problematic for our continent, so (Russian President Vladimir) Putin’s Kremlin is official Belgrade,” said Kurti.

He added that this is “a threat to the neighborhood,” and stressed that he is in favor of good neighborly relations.

„The implementation of the agreement that we agreed on in Brussels and Ohrid, which implies de facto mutual recognition of Kosovo and Serbia, will be of great help in this,” he said.

Kurti reiterated that Kosovo “is democratic and independent,” adding that he was certain that it is “even more democratic and independent than Serbia.”

Kurti mentioned his recent meetings with the Albanian President, Parliament speaker and Prime Minister, noting that he briefed them on the latest developments in the dialogue with Belgrade, on the meeting in Ohrid, North Macedonia, and on everything that has been agreed.

“There are many misunderstandings, ambiguities, wrong interpretations and I wanted to inform them firsthand about the negotiation process, about the content and other elements of this agreement which is a major achievement for the normalization of relations,” Kurti said.

He added, however, that relations between Belgrade and Pristina “are still not normal, despite the fact that Kosovo is a normal and democratic country,” KoSSev reported.