Kosovo’s Kurti: Radoicic only executed, Vucic planned, ordered the attack

NEWS 29.09.202322:19

"Milan Radoicic, a Serb List head, only executed the Sunday attack in northern Kosovo, while Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic planned and ordered it,” Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti said in an interview with Al Jazeera.

He said “Today you have a little Putin as the president in Belgrade,” and added that the attackers in the village of Banjska on Sunday had equipment manufactured in Serbia that cannot be purchased on the open market, reported KoSSev.

Lawyer of Kosovo Serb politician and businessman Milan Radoicic said Friday that Radojcic accepted responsibility for the September 24 events in Banjska when armed Kosovo Serbs clashed with the Kosovo police, and that he denied any involvement of the Serbian authorities.

Asked if he believes Milan Radoicic when he says that he organized the attack, Kurti said that Radojcic received logistic and military equipment and preparation from Belgrade, “as well as political orders from Vucic.”

“There are countless photos of Milan Radojcic and Vucic at various meetings in Belgrade, and I have no doubt that Radiocic was only the executor. The one who planned and ordered this terrorist, criminal attack on our state, in order to violate our territorial integrity, national safety and state security, is none other than President Vucic,” said Kurti.
“They wanted our police to enter the Banjska monastery, and then share photos around the world of bullets in the monastery walls. That didn’t happen, because our police are very strong and very professional, and they fled. Three terrorists were killed by our police, several of them are in prison, and we want those who escaped to be extradited because they are now in Serbia, some are in hospitals, and some are maybe free citizens,” Kurti added.

He said these people “must face justice in Kosovo.”