KP: Serbians entering Kosovo to be issued declaration sheets as of August 1

NEWS 25.07.2022 10:49

The Kosovo Police said all preparations have been completed for the implementation of the Kosovo Government decision adopted in late June on the issuance of declaration sheets to Serbian citizens entering Kosovo with ID documents issued by the Serbian authorities, KoSSev reported.

The entry/exit documents will be issued starting August 1.

The Kosovo Government adopted a decision on June 29 under which citizens with ID cards issued by the Republic of Serbia entering the Kosovo territory will receive a declaration sheet replacing their personal identification documents during their stay in Kosovo, Kossev reported.

The Kosovo police said the document will be issued at all air and land crossing points, that it will be valid for 90 days and that it will also be issued to persons under 16 who do not have ID cards, provided they have a birth certificate with a photograph attached.

When this decision was adopted, the Government also said that owners of vehicles with license plates issued by the Serbian authorities for cities and towns in Kosovo will be allowed to replace their license plates with Kosovo (RKS) plates, that is, to re-register their vehicles as of August 1 with the process ending on September 31, 2022.

The Kosovo authorities view these license plates as “illegal”, which is why they use the term “registration” and the Government decision as “a concession” facilitated by the fact that the vehicles with these plates “will not be subject to customs duty.”

Apart from political condemnations, official Belgrade has not yet publicly instructed Kosovo Serbs on the matter.