Kurti: 30 heavily armed professionals are attacking the Kosovo police


Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti said that at least 30 "heavily armed professionals" are attacking the Kosovo police and that one of its members was killed, one was wounded, and one was injured. Pročitaj više

At the press conference, Kurti once again made serious accusations against Belgrade saying that Serbia’s authorities „financed and orchestrated“ the attack, but also admitted that only after the investigation will it be determined „who police are dealing with“. He added that the attackers were wearing masks.

He said that after being obstructed on the road, the Kosovo policemen were attacked with various weapons, including hand grenades.

„Today is a difficult day for our country,“ said the Prime Minister of Kosovo.

He added that attacks by armed groups are still continuing and condemned what he called a „terrorist attack“.

„This is a crime financed by the official Belgrade by attacking our country. We protect and enforce legality and defend independent Kosovo,“ he said.

At the press conference, he showed footage of persons armed with heavy weapons in six vehicles without licence plates and one armoured vehicle, wearing camouflage uniforms, around and inside the Banjska monastery.

„The photos show that these are not armed civilians or ‘smuggling gangs’, but professional military and police forces that have entered the territory of Kosovo. Both inside the monastery and outside the monastery, you can see armoured cars without licence plates and heavy weapons next to the outer wall,“ said Kurti, quoted by KoSSev.

Meanwhile, KFOR said it is closely monitoring the situation in Banjska, and that troops are present in the area and ready to react if necessary.