Kurti accuses Serbia of wanting ethnic division in Kosovo


Prime Minister Albin Kurti accused official Belgrade of wanting ethnic division in Kosovo, Radio Free Europe reported on Wednesday.

Kurti said that Serbia should “try that in its own back yard” and reiterated his view that “Kosovo’s multi-ethnic constitution does not allow the forming of a mono-ethnic community”.

“National minorities account for 20 percent of the population in Serbia while national minorities in Kosovo account for some 7 percent. A Community of Municipalities with Serb majorities in Kosovo while (the southern Serbia municipalities with large ethnic Albanian populations) Presevo, Medvedja and Bujanovac get just a National Council is unfair, harmful and unacceptable,” he said. Under Serbian law national minorities have the right to form National Councils to administer some of their rights.

Kurti said he is open to talks with Serbia to normalize relations under the European Union proposal but has to abide by the Kosovo constitution and laws.

The forming of the Community of Serb Municipalities was part of the 2013 Brussels Agreement. The principles of the Community were defined in 2015 but the Kosovo Constitutional Court ruled them in violation of article 23 of the Constitution, adding that they could be amended in a statute or legal act.