Kurti: Kosovo Central Bank Regulation not geared against dinar

NEWS 06.02.202411:18

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti said the Central Bank of Kosovo (CBK) Regulation on making the euro the sole currency in Kosovo is not geared against the dinar or any other currency, but aimed to regulate the banking and financial sector in Kosovo, the Kosovo Government said in a press release, Beta reported.

In a meeting with the ambassadors of the “big five” – the US, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy, Kurti said the Regulation aims to elevate financial integrity and curb the funding of illegal activity, like money laundering and circulation of forged bills, said Beta.

Kurti, his deputy Besnik Bislimi and Kosovo Minister of Finance, Labor and Transfers Hekuran Murati briefed the ambassadors on the positions and arguments of the Kosovo government and explained that the purpose of the regulation was not to ban the dinar or any other currency, but to regulate the banking and financial sectors in Kosovo, the statement noted.

They emphasized that no business owned by Serbs in Kosovo or in Serb-majority municipalities had been penalized since the Regulation came into force, and that this was not the institutions’ intention.

Kurti said he had received confirmation from the Central Bank of Kosovo of readiness to engage in operational talks with the National Bank of Serbia to help in identifying legal, secure and transparent mechanisms to transfer any form of support from Serbia, reported Beta.