Kurti: Self-management, not self-administration for Kosovo Serbs

NEWS 23.03.202310:48
aljbin kurti
Tanjug/AP/Franc Zhurda

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti told Radio TV Kosovo that self-management for the Serb community will be based on the Kosovo constitution and does not mean self-administration or autonomy.

Kurti said he thinks that finding an adequate level of self-management will benefit the entire Serb community without jeopardizing Kosovo’s legal and constitutional order.

“Self-management is not self-administration, not autonomy,” he said adding that the agreement does not say Serb majority municipalities. “When you say self-administration of the Serb community you actually have the framework agreement for the protection of national minorities as an instrument,” he added.

Kurti also claimed that Serbian officials said they would not abide by the agreement and implementation annex. He said there are indications that the agreement is being violated by Serbia and that he expects the European Union and US to condemn what he called Serbia’s destructive behavior.

The Kosovo Prime Minister said that Belgrade-Pristina relations can’t be normalized without dealing with crimes committed during the war and other issues such as missing persons.