Kurti: Serbs need to be liberated

Erkin Keci / AFP / Profimedia

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti said on Wednesday that the Kosovo Serbs need to be liberated from “the terrorist tools of Serbia”.

He wrote in a Facebook post (in Albanian translated by Facebook) that “Kosovo is a democratic state … Serbs in Kosovo do not need liberation from the Republic of Kosovo but from the terrorist tools of Serbia”.

Kurti accused Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic of wanting the Banjska monastery to become to the Serbs what the Jashari tower is to the Kosovo Albanians (Adem Jashari was killed in an exchange of fire with Serbian police officers after barricading himself and his family in the tower before the 1999 war. The police were there to arrest him on a number of charges of violence against local Serbs. He is considered a hero of what became the Kosovo Liberation Army.)

“Vucic is obsessed with KLA commander Adem Jashari. He wanted to turn the Banjska Orthodox Monastery into the „Tower of Jashari“ for Kosovo Serbs on September 24! At the May 2 meeting in Brussels, he told us that Milan Radojcic will become the Serbs’ Adam Jashari. But, being a dictator, he does not understand the history: epic and liberation are neither fabricated nor copied,” Kurti wrote in the post.