Kurti tells The Telegraph UK should have more troops in KFOR


Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti told London daily The Telegraph that Great Britain should send more troops to Kosovo to prevent war in the Western Balkans.

According to Kurti, NATO’s presence in the form of KFOR is symbolic and “would not be enough to prevent an invasion by Serbia”. “The UK is part of Nato and they act and operate in that fashion. I believe there should be more Nato troops in Kosovo,” he added.

He said that “Nato could and should be more engaged in Kosovo both militarily and politically” because of what he says is a threat from Belgrade. Kurti said he asked NATO for more troops on several occassions.

The Telegraph said that the UK has 45 troops in KFOR.

The daily said that Kurti showed aerial images of what he claims are 41 military barracks in Serbia proper “strategically positioned to both defend Belgrade and attack Kosovo” as well as 48 Serbian forward operating bases (Fobs) stationed along the 381km of border with Kosovo.

“They [Serbia] are waiting for a window of opportunity to attack us,” he said.

“Due to the threat that Serbia is posing to us and due to their multitude of links with the Kremlin, to have more capacity and capability for our army and our police and more Nato troops would increase the security of our country and the region,” Kurti said.

“I believe for as long as Serbia does not recognise Kosovo, as long as Serbia keeps 48 forward operating bases around our country, and as long as Serbia is a close ally of the Kremlin, there should be more capacities on our side and more Nato troops,” he said.

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