Kurti video in Serbian: Thanks for faith in better Kosovo


Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti posted a video in Serbian on his X profile to “thank all those who showed faith in a better Kosovo”.

He said that he discussed membership in the Council of Europe (CoE) with a delegation of the CoE Parliamentary Assembly, adding that membership would bring benefits, especially to minority communities in terms of access to the Court of Human Rights.

“We are committed to membership as the best way to secure the rights of everyone in Kosovo. The visits comes at a time when the citizens of Kosovo accept their European identity … as a chance to get closer to our European neighbors thanks to visa liberalization,” he said. Kurti added that the number of requests for biometric passports had increased by 30 percent.

“We noted an interest in integration and the awareness that this is in the interest of the citizens of Kosovo,” Kurti said and added that more than 3,200 car owners replaced their Serbia-issued license plates with Kosovo plates.