Last group of Vietnamese workers in Serbia moved, journalists disturbed


The last group of Vietnamese workers working on the Linglong construction site, 90 of them, were evicted from the barracks in the Southeast industrial zone that had no basic living conditions.

The photos forwarded to N1 television show that the barracks were abandoned and that there is no private security there anymore.

The teams of Deutsche Welle and VOICE, which were on the ground, tried to follow the vans with which the Chinese managers moved the workers, but they were hindered by the same Chinese citizen who blocked the road to the N1 television team a few days ago.

He first tried to intimidate them with violent driving and sudden braking, and then, when they reached the street where the workers moved in, he blocked their way and prevented them from driving further.
According to the first information, this group of workers was moved to an abandoned house in Ecka near Zrenjanin.