LGBT rights association: Police raid LGBT persons’ apartment

NEWS 26.02.202422:03

Representative of the association Da se zna! (Let It Be Known!) Bojan Lazic said Monday the association will file two criminal complaints over police abuse and torture of two young people, a man and a woman, members of the LGBT population.

Lazic said the most serious case of homophobia recorded by this association took place on February 14, when the police broke into the apartment of two LGBT people and treated them with brutality.

The association requested that internal control investigate these actions, and that the ombudsman question the legality of the actions by the police.

Speaking at a media conference, Lazic explained in detail the physical and mental torture these two people were subjected to for several hours, both at the apartment and at the police station.

He said the police broke into the apartment allegedly because of a report that there were drugs in it, but that the place was searched by members of the special police.

The young man’s mother, Sanja Malinovic, said the police behaved brutally, that they beat her son and threatened to rape him until he admitted he was gay, and then tied him using a rope instead of handcuffs.

She said there was nothing political about this incident and called on Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic as a member of the LGBT community to protect her son and all other members of the LGBT community so such incidents never happen again.

“All I want is for my son to be able to freely walk the streets of this city, and I call on parents to stand by their children, regardless of their sexual orientation,” Malinovic said, adding that she is proud of her son.