Long lines in north Kosovo to withdraw limited cash

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Kosovo Serbs waited in long lines on Thursday to get small amounts of cash in Serbian Dinars from the Post Office Savings Bank. Pročitaj više

An N1 reporter said that people in the north of Kosovo could withdraw just 10,000 Dinars (about 85 Euro) and added that Dinars were no longer available in southern Serb enclaves, forcing some Serbs to travel to towns in Serbia proper to withdraw money from their accounts.

The Central Bank of Kosovo decreed in mid-January that the Euro would be the only legal currency in Kosovo as of February 1, effectively banning the Serbian Dinar. Thousands of Kosovo Serbs as well as smaller numbers of Bosniaks and Albanians depend on Serbian institutions and the national pension fund for their livelihood. They are now forced to make withdrawals in Euro and pay commissions for the exchange.

Residents of the town of Gracanica can’t withdraw any funds from their accounts because the NLB Komercijalna bank has closed down and the only ATM is empty, the N1 reporter said.

KoSSev news portal editor Tatjana Lazarevic told N1 that the central bank regulation affects mainly the poor and old age pensioners. She added that the elderly and sick can’t travel some 40 kilometers to towns outside Kosovo to get their money. “Even if the National Bank of Serbia and the Central Bank of Kosovo found a solution there is no institution to transfer the money in Dinars,” she said. According to her, the Serbian authorities seem to have no intention of doing anything.

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