Manojlovic: I will not be a candidate in the elections, despite several offers

NEWS 01.01.202213:47 0 komentara

President of the Association for the Protection of Constitutionality and Legality Savo Manojlovic said on Saturday that he did not plan to participate in the elections announced for April as a candidate of any party or movement, although he had such offers, and that he would continue to protect civil and human rights from the position of the non-governmental sector. Pročitaj više

Manojlovic said he rejected calls for political engagement because he „gave his word“ about it during mass protests in Belgrade and across Serbia late last year, organized with a request to withdraw the Law on Referendum and Amend the Law on Expropriation.

As another reason for not being politically engaged, Manojlovic stated that „it is essentially to fight against the Rio Tinto and lithium mining much more efficiently without the burden of party activities.“

Asked about the plans for 2022, Manojlovic said that he would start collecting 30,000 signatures for the „people’s initiative which will prevent the excavation of lithium“ in Serbia.

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