Marinika Tepic and Dragan Djilas received death threats on Twitter

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Dragan Đilas, Borko Stefanović, Marinika Tepić, SSP

In response to her tweet in which she reveals that the statement of Rio Tinto was sent from the e-mail of the Government of Serbia, the vice presidents of the Party of Freedom and Justice Marinika Tepic and her children received death threats, also via Twitter, from a seemingly false account. Pročitaj više

She received death threats from a Twitter account under the name of Danko Nikolic, writes.

In her tweet, Tepic revealed that the announcement of Rio Tinto was sent from the e-mail address of the Government of Serbia and wrote that the Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabic and President Aleksandar Vucic are „caught red-handed“ and that „they will not be deceived.“

„Rio Tinto’s announcement was sent from the email of the Government of Serbia! There is no getting out of this one and ‘cancellation’ that will cover up the fact that you were in sync with Rio Tinto all the time and that you are only faking a conflict until the elections!“ Tepic wrote, after which she received the following response:

„You shall not pass anymore. The limousines and jeeps will be of no use for you when a bullet goes through the windshield like a hot knife through butter. I have more than a full cartridge for you and your yellow boss Djilas – all will receive a bullet to the head, along with your treacherous children.”

The Twitter account from which Marinika Tepic and her children were threatened was made in January 2022.
As for the death threat to Dragan Djilas, here is what it looked like:
“Nobody did anything wrong to you, all you do is lie, all of you deserve a bullet, which is what you’ll get.”

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